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Cash Out With Confidence

List your ecommerce business.
Choose from multiple offers.
Pay no commissions.


Keep 100% of your payout. 

In a seller’s market, you shouldn’t have to pay for help finding a buyer.

We take a small commission from the buyer, so the matching process is free for you.


No more cold-calling 14 aggregators.

Cash Out™ makes it easy to get in front of several aggregators with one simple listing.

Find your best offer.

Get competitive offers from multiple buyers, so you get the price and terms that work best for you.

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Negotiate with confidence.

The best buyers are also the best negotiators.


Avoid unfavorable terms with a dedicated transaction attorney as your legal advocate.

The Cash Out™ Process


We build a succinct listing, highlighting the unique value of your business and share it with our vetted buyers network.


Review initial offers from buyers and select the top three to five offers to focus on.


Meet with the top offers, negotiate terms, and select your favorite offer.

Navigate due diligence with the help of our financial team and your legal advocate before quickly closing.


 Our founding team has serviced dozens of successful e-commerce exits.

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How Cash Out™ Stacks Up


Multiple offers 

Help with negotiation


10 - 15% Commission

Pay commission even for buyers you already know   

Slow & complicated to work with inexperienced buyers


Close within 30 days

Streamlined due diligence

Pay no commissions

Negotiating against professionals with no help

Time-consuming to get multiple offers

Cash Out

Multiple offers

Help with negotiation

Close within 30 days


Streamlined due diligence

Pay no commissions

Discover a better way to sell.