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Accounting Software That Makes Selling Your Amazon Brand a Breeze

Coral is a full accounting system built to scale with your Amazon business from start to exit. 

Our founding team has helped thousands of sellers,
processing $750 million + in Amazon bookkeeping.

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Get exit-grade

Move past half-baked accounting solutions for your Amazon books.

Send accrual financial statements to a bank, tax accountant, or even a prospective buyer.

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Spend minutes per month (not hours)

Say goodbye 👋 to mindless repetition and complicated integrations.

Coral's all-in-one platform learns from you and other sellers, so next month's books are even easier than this month.

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We've spent thousands of hours automating the tricky parts of ecommerce accounting, so you don't have to go back to school. 🤓


Coral's built-in review algorithms will even alert you if something looks wrong.

No degree needed

Ditch the patchwork of tools 

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Direct integrations

Connect directly to Amazon and Shopify. No 3rd-party plugins needed.

Inventory Accounting

Easily track your FBA inventory costs the right way.

Global Rules

Leverage our learning from other sellers to save you time each month.

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Accurate Payouts

Smoothly match sales and fees with bank deposits.

Benchmark Analysis

Stack up your financials against other sellers to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

Exit Value™

Track the value of your business and Cash Out™ when you're ready.

Workflow Modes™

Breeze through your bookkeeping with confidence. Let us guide you step-by-step through bookkeeper mode, money manager mode, or even tax accountant mode.

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For sellers under $100,000 in monthly revenue



✔  Unlimited bank accounts
✔  Unlimited transactions
✔  Unlimited users
✔  Unlimited orders
✔  Unlimited SKUs


For sellers over $100,000 in monthly revenue



✔  Unlimited bank accounts
✔  Unlimited transactions
✔  Unlimited users
✔  Unlimited orders
✔  Unlimited SKUs

Put your accounting on autopilot.

Coral is launching soon. 🚀

Join the waitlist to get free early access before our public launch later this summer.

Get Early Access
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